We find buyers for UK engineering businesses

The UK is a country well known for its engineering expertise and over the centuries has lead the world with its innovation, skills and determination to be at the cutting edge of this sector.

Even with the decline and changes in the engineering sector over recent years, the surviving companies have beaten a path for themselves – become stronger and more efficient; adapting to an ever changing market place.

This makes UK engineering companies very desirable to a varied market of purchasers, both in the UK and overseas.

Our company makes your exit plan seem less daunting

Looking for an exit plan may appear be a daunting task, just where do you start?

Our company is your first port of call. We have been successfully selling businesses since 1967 and made our name in this sector, advising a wide range of engineering companies on the best exit strategy for their business.

We are very successful in finding buyers for small to medium-sized engineering businesses because we utilise a network of highly experienced regional directors that have formed many vital connections in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Making the right business match

No two engineering businesses are the same and this can sometimes make finding the right buyer challenging.

Our company will guide you through the whole process of selling your engineering business from start to finish.

We take the time to understand how your engineering business operates; its history and strengths and weaknesses to ensure we make the right match between the potential buyer and your company.

All in the strictest confidence

At the early stage of the sale process it is vital that any tentative approaches are kept in strictest confidence.

As the owner of your business, your main task it to make sure that you concentrate on keeping your business moving forward, while our company handles the confidential negotiations into selling your business.

This allows you to maximise your reward for all the hard work you have put in over the years.

Contact us for more confidential information and advice.