We consume more and more online content each day and video is one of the most popular mediums to do so.

It accounts for a massive 81% of content consumed online and is one of the most shared types of content. It makes sense then, that if you want to tap into that market, you need to enlist a professional videography service to effectively demonstrate your business.

Videography, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is ‘the art, practice, or occupation of making videos’ and includes pre and post-production. Like all the visual arts, style and expertise may vary according to talent and ability.

There is no doubt that having a great video to promote and demonstrate your business is a modern essential.

How Do Videography Services Effectively Demonstrate Your Business

As a lot of customers now engage with businesses through the internet competition has become fierce as the battle for best engagement and conversion rates continues.

Due to this highly competitive market you have no real choice but to utilise all the tricks and tools available to you. Great videography is one of those tools.

A study on conversion rates by Unbounce, the landing page builder and platform, saw that conversion rates can increase by up to 80% when a company includes a video on their website’s landing page.

You could use a video to introduce yourself to potential customers or highlight a product or service. Either way you want that video to exude professionalism and contain the correct information and ideas about your company, products or services.

Multiple Platforms

A solid, professionally made, video which can be shown across multiple platforms will be a great boon for your business.

Whereas a videographer was once only really useful for creating a television advertisement now they can provide you with quality content which can be used on a variety of fronts. Just take a look at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for example. Four massive platforms which reach millions, if not billions, of people each day. That’s at least hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Studies have shown that a social media post with a video will get around 48% more views and that videos get more shares than text or image posts. That’s more potential customers just from sharing a video rather than a wall of text.

Paints A Broader Picture

Video has several special aspects to it that enable it to bring your company to life in an interesting and engaging way.

A talented videographer will use video editing, lighting and shooting techniques, to create the right atmosphere or mood to suit your business or product. With video you can have different audio, pictures, text or animation, which all help to create a very specific look and feel.

You may think that anyone can make a good video. You may have even seen viral videos which were poorly shot. But those two ideas are misleading. It takes skill to make a really high- quality video. It is a visual artform after all. And viral videos? If someone knew the secret to those they would be very rich indeed.

In general, if you want to stand out, if you want your business to be noticed and those checkout tills to start ringing, you need a quality video.

That video is like a window into your store. It will probably be a lot of people’s first introduction to who you are and what your business is about. I guess then it is just about what image you want to portray. What you want your business to say about it and you. I know what I would want mine to say. What about you?


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