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Experienced Executive and Non-Executive Chairman & Director

Tim Hearly, an Oxford graduate who read theoretical physics at Lincoln College, is an experienced executive and non-executive chairman and director within listed and private companies. Tim is a strategically focused and independently-minded professional director, who has initiated major changes in corporate strategy and board composition when necessary.

A private investor in businesses where personal strategic services are required, Tim has a willingness to accept business risks as an investor and non-executive director in investments. He has a successful record of initiating new opportunities and supporting growth of such businesses, resulting in an overall achievement of high returns from personal investment situations.

Tim's speciality is developing businesses, often with associates, which seek investment or projects requiring finance and/or experienced investor participation. These include, provision of new equity investment, strategic direction, industrial, commercial and financial consultancy, maximising shareholder value via trade sale or listing, MBI or MBO solutions with private investors and/or development capital partners.

Tim brings to Diverco his extensive commercial and financial background within a broad range of industries, including computing and I.T. services, manufacturing, and the City. He has leading positions within software and services businesses, and in automotive component and the specialist car manufacturing sector.

He has a wide range of UK commercial and City financial connections, an extensive network of business contacts, and experience of business in Europe and USA with access to M&A cross-border and USA specialists.

With a belief in straight talking Tim values keeping to agreements; correct standards for corporate governance; tight application of financial controls and reporting systems; communication and motivation at all levels.

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