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Timing is critical when selling your business and often owners get distracted, sales drop and things start to spiral...

Selling my business

Valuing my business

Sometimes we have to reconcile expectations. It's not our approach to tell a business owner what they want to hear.
Valuing my business

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To understand your needs we offer a free and totally confidential initial 'face to face' meeting at a private location.
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Business owners have many questions before making the decision to sell their business. We could have the answer.
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Meet the Diverco team

Our dedicated team of highly experienced directors are always close, operating from ten regional offices.
Meet the Diverco team

Your dedicated team

Bill Good CEO

Bill Good is our CEO, he has a mechanical engineering degree from Birmingham University and also qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Bill has vast experience in company acquisitions and selling businesses.
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Jamie Dodgson - Managing Director

Jamie Dodgson has, for nearly two decades, worked closely with the founder of Diverco and gained great knowledge in assisting him with Vendor clients.

Jamie has taken over the mantle of Managing Director.
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Richard Dealtry

Richard Dealtry is dedicated to ensuring that company owners fully realise their company's strategic premium value.

Richard as two decades of experience as a Regional Director
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Ian Berry was Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce as well as a director of Merseyside TEC and Business Link

Ian has been a Regional Director in Dorset and Hampshire for over 10 years.
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Hugh Craen

Hugh Craen has spent most of his career working in the finance sector establishing invoice finance operations.

Hugh's experience with companies over thirty years has proved invaluable.
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Tim Hearly is an Oxford graduate, he is an experienced executive and non-executive chairman and director within listed and private companies.

Tim brings to Diverco his extensive commercial and financial background.
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Richard Houlgate

Richard Houlgate speaks fluent French and is a practical, hands-on individual with strong interpersonal skills.

Richard specialises in maximizing growth in businesses.
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Michael Kealy

Michael Kealy enjoys guiding company directors through their acquisition, merger and disposal strategies.

Michael has been a Regional Director of Diverco since 2001.
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Peter Wheeldon has solid and extensive experience in selling private companies that cover many sectors.

Peter has been involved with Diverco since 1992.
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David da Cunha

David da Cunha has a keen understanding of the SME sector and the many facets of ownership faced by proprietors.

David also has a keen understanding of the SME sector.
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