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  • Graduated from Oxford Uni.
  • Proven management skills
  • Acquisitions experience
  • Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
  • Director of Merseyside TEC
  • Director of Business Link
  • Now based in Dorset and Hampshire
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Ian Berry led the charge in redeveloping Liverpool

Ian Berry obtained a degree in PPE at Oxford University, and then completed an accountancy and business management course at what is now Surrey University.

He joined the Avery Group, working for 8 years in various companies in the group. This involved new product engineering, running sales and marketing teams, and reorganising motor vehicle spare parts stock control and distribution systems.

Ian bought out a small engineering business from Avery, developing this from sales of less than £100k pa to over £7m pa, and staff from eight to 120. The company became a market leader in a wide range of products for rehabilitation and home nursing.

Five acquisitions were made before the company was eventually sold on to a trade buyer. Ian thus has first hand experience across manufacturing, marketing and product distribution, developing a very small company into a medium sized one, and making business acquisitions and sales.

Ian next became Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, specialising in advice to members on growing their export sales. He also led private sector involvement in Merseyside's European Objective One Development plan, being both a director of Merseyside TEC and Business Link. In his role at the Chamber, he became closely involved with companies in both manufacturing and service sectors, adding to his previous wide experience.

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